Edge Space Systems offers an employee benefit plan that is competitive within the local aerospace industry.

All full-time employees are eligible for a paid leave plan. Edge Space Systems offers both full and part-time employment. The following benefits are available to all full-time employees.


Edge Space Systems offers medical, dental and vision insurance coverage. Medical and dental insurance premiums are a shared expense between the company and participating employees. The medical plan includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) and the company contributes a fixed amount to each participant’s account each month. The effective date of coverage is the first day of employment. Vision coverage is available as an option. Edge Space Systems provides short and long term disability insurance and Group life insurance.  Employees are advised to review the disability benefits booklet for complete details of the program.

Retirement and Savings Plan

Edge Space Systems, Inc. encourages all employees to participate in the Edge 401k retirement plan. Vesting in both employee contributions and company matching contributions is immediate under this plan.  In addition, the company has the option of a discretionary profit sharing distribution each year within a structured vesting schedule.

Other Benefits

Customer Site Privileges: Employees working at customer sites and holding contractor badges at GSFC or NRL may have privileges at these locations. These benefits may include: credit union membership and recreational activities such as flying club, ski club, softball, basketball, gym memberships, etc.

Paid Leave

Edge Space Systems offers full-time employees a paid leave benefit policy that allows employees maximum flexibility. Edge Space Systems offers 10 paid holidays per calendar year.


Edge Space Systems is committed to strong employee education and training. The company has a graduate degree tuition reimbursement program.

Part-Time Employment

Edge Space Systems offers part-time employment opportunities for those who are looking for a flexible work environment and who do not require a full benefits package. Participation of part-time employees in the Edge 401(k) Retirement Plan is permitted.