Edge Space Systems Sponsor of the University of Maryland Women in Engineering Opportunity Scholarship

Edge Space Systems is one of four primary donors establishing the Women in Engineering Scholarship at the University of Maryland, College Park. The Women in Engineering Opportunity Scholarship has been established to help attract and retain highly-talented female students to the Clark School and to provide support to current students in the event of financial emergencies. Sometimes a few hundred dollars can make the difference between a student becoming a college dropout or a college graduate. It is called the WIE “Opportunity” Scholarship because this financial support represents an educational opportunity that might not otherwise exist for recipient students.

This is a flexible scholarship that gives the college the ability to target funds exactly where they are needed. For example, a promising high school student can be awarded a recruitment scholarship to encourage study here at the University of Maryland. Or, a high performing student already enrolled in the Clark School of Engineering can be awarded a retention scholarship that will allow for uninterrupted study. The Clark School also has the ability to award hardship scholarships for financial emergencies. More information can be found on the website: http://www.wie.umd.edu/



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